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Thank you for expressing interest in a possible career with North Central Caravans LLC. Below is a brief introduction to our organization as well as a list of qualifications and some questions to give us both an idea if we will be a good fit for each other. Please take a few minutes to read through the introduction and answer the questions below. You can respond by;

  1. Emailing us back the information using this form in an attachment

  2. Cut and pasting the questions (In Bold) and the answers into the body of an email

  3. Call our office at 715-623-2229 and ask for Missy and she will record the answers for you.  

We’d like to start with a little information about our organization. North Central Caravans, LLC is a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company of approximately 100 employees. Our founder, Todd Zinda, spent most of his adult life as a Professional Driver and quite frankly is still a driver at heart which is reflected in how he appreciates his employees.  

Many of our Non-driving staff have experience as drivers or have ties to this industry. As a team, we provide safe and professional transportation to and from medical facilities as well as other quality of life destinations.

Clients include people with financial or medical conditions that limit access to transportation. Our customer base is primarily Government Agencies, Private Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Facilities.

We are currently seeking full and part time drivers who live within our coverage areas which spans from approximately North Central Wisconsin, Stevens Point to Oshkosh and North to the Upper Peninsula. While most of the demand for our services come Monday through Friday, between 0500 and 1700, we do serve several clients on Saturdays along with a few trips on nights and weekends.  



It’s important to understand this industry is highly regulated and rightfully so. We are entrusted with transporting vulnerable members of our society. Government agencies, Facilities, Social Workers, families and friends of our clients want to be confident that our team will provide;

  • Safe Transportation

  • On-Time Transportation

  • Clean, comfortable, accommodating and reliable vehicles and equipment

  • Compassionate and professional interactions with Clients

  • Honesty and Integrity in all aspects of our business

In order to meet these expectations, we have a list of requirements, some required by law, others by Government Regulations and still others we require as an organization to meet standards of excellence. It’s important to understand any false statements related to the following questions will be considered grounds for immediate termination.

  1. Are you at least 23 years of age? Yes or No (Government Regulatory Req)


  1. Drivers must submit to a pre-hire, annual criminal and caregiver background check. Some Non-Violent and non-drug related felonies may be waivered if the conviction is more than 10 years old. Is there reason to believe there is anything that would surface on a criminal background check that would disqualify you as a driver?  Yes or  No


  1. Drivers are subject to pre-hire and annual Motor Vehicle driving records checks. Standards for acceptable driving records are;


  1. No Driving under the influence or reckless driving convictions less than 10 years old

  2. No more than 2  moving violations or preventable accidents in any combination over the past 3-year period. 

Do you believe you will meet the criteria for an acceptable driving record?  Yes or No



  1. A condition of employment is having a working mobile phone as drivers need to have access to mobile communication at all times. Do you have a working mobile phone? Yes  or  No


  1. Being able to communicate through text messaging is not mandatory however there are significant advantages to having access to this form of communication. Do you have access to text messaging? Yes  or  No


  1. We utilize a routing system available through tablets assigned to our vehicles.  Are you familiar with GPS routing programs? Yes  or  No

  1. Driver schedules are communicated through our tablets and require access to internet at your home. Do you have internet access at your residence? Yes  or  No


  1. Drivers who do not live close to a company designated parking lot may be eligible to keep an assigned company van at their residence. This is most certainly a privilege and can be considered a great benefit as it eliminates commute times and personal vehicle costs of getting to work and driving home daily. In many cases our drivers equate this benefit to average out to $2-$3 dollars per hour on work days. Do you have a safe place at your residence to park your assigned vehicle during off hours? Yes  or  No



  1. Drivers are predominantly operating within the hours from 0300 to 2000 Monday Thru Saturday. While there is some flexibility in scheduling during the week we do ask drivers to commit to working at least every other Saturday. Are you willing to commit to working at minimum every other Saturday?  Yes  or  No


  1. Are there any restrictions to your availability during the week? Yes  or  No


  • If yes please fill out in comment box on application page.



  1. Most of our scheduled trips are for “ambulatory clients” (Those not confined to wheel chairs or other mobility devices). However, drivers are always needed for Wheel Chair transports. This type of responsibility comes with additional training as well as a pay premium which gets drivers hourly compensation up to at least $10 per hour. Wheel Chair Transports routinely only represent a small percentage of each day’s transports however the premium applies for the entire day as long as you are assigned a wheel chair van.  Are you willing to commit to being trained as a Wheel Chair Transport Driver?  Yes   or  No


Additional Frequently asked items


  • Wheel Chair Premium.

  • Take home vehicles

  • Overtime

  • Bonuses and Incentives

When can I start?

  • If we are confident you will pass all the background checks and meet all the other qualifications, we can start once all the paperwork has been submitted. Usually within 2-3 days.

Thank you for your time!  Last question!

Would you like to continue in the hiring process?  Yes or No

If yes- the next steps are getting us this paperwork and we will get you the application documents to begin the onboarding process and background checks.

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